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Razorgore: 549, Order of Hasson: 1! - Posted by Jan on February 7, 2006


I Win

After some intensive work, Order of Hasson got its finest engineers together, managing to fix this fabled item. As a result, we went from

dead razorgore

This was only made possible by the greatest leader a guild could ever have. =)

Let us not forget, however, the wonder twins:

Wondertwins: Now in signature size!

We will now be perfecting our technique, while taking it from the rear from our new best friend Vaelastrasz.

And now for the random banter everyone loves! (Except those concerned.)

Those pesky warriors.

Pogo won a lot of popularty contests at college actually.

True words from the real Monox!

That's convenient, 99% of the guild will be able and willing to provide! (The other 1% could always use Combustanus if that's not enough.)

Sorry! I didn't know it was your closet!

We never allowed him back either.

So that's the real reason Pogo was popular.

What would Sanders do?

The February 2006 Prom Awards

Most likely to be a shemale pornstar.

Most likely to crash the shortbus.

Most likely to get mugged by a paladin.

Most likely to write bad slashfics about night elves and vegetables.

Most likely to harbor pinko commie terrorists.

Most likely to be on the receiving end of the aforementioned shemale pornstar.

This kill brought to you by the letters:

[Hezin] I can stop midfuck for a Mel Brooks movie
Hezin knows where his priorities lie
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Medivh is #1! - Posted by Jan on January 17, 2006


Medivh = carebears #1!

In related news, Razorgore is about to fall. More at 8.

This newsflash brought to you by the letters:

Dedicated members
We appreciate our members' commitment and dedication.
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Serverwide first! - Posted by Jan on December 20, 2005


Ragnaros downed

After suffering through laziness, fear, low attendance and other mexican outsourcing problems, we at Hasson Express are proud to bring to you one dead Ragnaros. Unlike many others, whom have barely scraped by their first try, Hasson thinks big, and we've brought our ex-Dominatrix back to order with only 3 deaths.

So you there, I know what you're thinking... "Oh great, yet another guild takes down Ragnaros. Big fucking deal." What you don't know is we have achieved a serverwide first. Indeed, we appear to be the first to win Ragnaros's weapon of choice which caused us so much torment in the last few weeks. Behold, Combustanus.


When this big baby dropped, you understand the bids were overflowing. After many tied bids, and much debate, it was conceded to Bogarm, for his time-honored place behind Bondage Queen Ragnaros.

Blazing new look

He'll be giving her back a taste of her own medecine now.

Ever since gaining his new trophy, however, poor Bogarm has been swamped with constant tells for cyber. The fact of the matter is, he's quite good! So if you're looking for a good time, /tell Bogarm.

This reminds me... This was said last year, as we started Molten Core. Is there compound interest on that statement?

Drop one boss

Now, you wonder, how do we achieve our perennial success? The answer is very simple. At the risk of sounding cliche and corny, I'll say this: it's thanks to our wide array of talented individuals. Experience some of our unique skills in action.

The Flag Runner
Jarvalor, flag runner extraordinaire... Or so he likes to think.
The Camper
more of the Camper
Of course
Fymf, L100 Subway Camper
The Charisma
Janet, ever so charismatic
The Mascot
Goza, the unwilling mascot
The Seer
Rogmog... Being Rogmog.
The Factioneer
Gilmore, back when Argent Dawn faction was interesting.
The Midwives
Everyone, in a collective moment of midwife insight.

This concludes our guild analysis, thank you for reading.

Hall of Shame

Where are your buddies Drizzzzzt, Dryzzt and Drizzlefoshizzle?

And now, random moments of epiphany.



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